ANOTHER WAY TO PUBLISH (not restricted to memoirs)


Ant Press has published numerous bestsellers and is always seeking new talent to offer contracts.

However, the Ant Press team is aware that some authors are not seeking a contract with a traditional or independent publisher. Ant Press can still offer you services that will take your book to the point of publication.

Choose which of the services you need, and you’ll soon be uploading your own finished and formatted ebook and paperback onto Amazon and whichever other marketplaces you choose.

Note: The services below are not restricted to memoirs, any genre can be submitted.


Ant Press Services

Paperback, Large Print and ebook formatting

Editing and Proofreading

Cover Design


“Ant Press was amazing. They took care of everything. They were professional, very helpful with suggestions (that improved the book considerably) and responded to my emails very quickly. As someone whose computer skills are on a par with the morris dancing skills of a camel, it was a source of great relief to have Ant Press at my side at every step. I would definitely use them again.”
John Redmond
The Alternative Christmas Letters

“I cannot think of anyone I’d prefer to work with than Victoria Twead and AntPress. She helped me through every step of the way with the formatting necessary for me to self-publish both a print paperback and a kindle version of my book. She seemed to intuit what I needed before I could even think what it was I needed. She is a dream to work with, handling all my inexperience with grace, alacrity, and complete knowledge of the publishing world. She also has a good helping of humour and patience; very necessary when dealing with a first-time-publishing writer. All of this was done for a reasonable fee. I shall definitely hope to work with her on my next books, and I cannot praise or recommend AntPress highly enough.”
Shirley Read-Jahn
Prince Oliver Penguin and his friend, Olivia

“If you are lucky enough to publish with Ant Press, you are very lucky indeed. Victoria Twead and Jacky Donovan provided me with a full-on professional publishing effort and they did it with kindness, patience and a professionalism rarely seen. Jacky had an exquisite sense of my voice and her editorial expertise resulted in a book that captured the true feel and sense of my memoir. Her communications were always timely and on point and her unfailing good humor and encouragement helped me achieve my long held dream of publishing, Tell Me About It, the story of my clinical career.  Ant Press embodies the saying
Teamwork makes the dream work.”
Pinny Brakeley Bugaeff
Tell Me About it – Memoir of a psychotherapist

“Ant press went above and beyond my expectations in formatting my memoir. I highly recommend their services.”
Mary Schmidt
When Angels Fly

“I was delighted with the editing and publishing work done by Jacky Donavan and Ant Press on my children’s books.  Jacky made so much difference to the presentation of the books and was able to explain everything to me as we went along.  I am not technical or computer minded and could never have achieved all this for myself.  It was great to not only receive the necessary services, but so much advice on promoting the books as well.  I cannot recommend Ant Press highly enough; lovely people and a very professional service.”
Mandy Sheridan
The Mikie series of children’s books