“The Multicoloured Hat” by Barbra Dean

Kaci Cooper (Age 3) with The Multicoloured Hat on her iPad

Kaci Cooper (Age 3) with The Multicoloured Hat on her iPad

The Multicoloured Hat Colouring Pages

Mrs Getahat's hat

The Multicoloured Hat is available as a Paperback or ebook. The Paperback has pages at the back to colour in.

Free Colouring Book download

A FREE download of the colouring book is available here:

PDF Multicoloured Hat Colouring Pages

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Download the Colouring Pages, and send your coloured-in pictures to [email protected] to see your pictures displayed here! Click to see the whole picture.

About the Author

Barbra Dean has worn very many hats. She was a freelance journalist, Assistant Fashion Editor on a women’s magazine, has written copy for advertising, and worked in public relations. As a mature student in her mid-fifties, she successfully completed a degree in Humanities. Barbra developed the idea of the multicoloured hat whilst working with children in a playschool. Barbra and Tony know how important it is to travel and experience other cultures. In her next book the multicoloured hat will enjoy adventures abroad. Barbra and Tony currently live on the Costa Blanca, Spain, and share their home with two small rescue dogs, Punta and Marron.

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