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Thank you, Vernon Lacey

As a first-time author, I can not recommend Ant Press enough. From the initial contact with Victoria who responded in a timely and personal way to Jacky’s meticulous and encouraging editing work, my experience has been totally positive.

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Beautiful ebook and paperback formatting

NEW SERVICE! Want your book to look as good as this? Send us your manuscript as a Word or Pages doc, and we will format and convert it into a beautiful paperback AND ebook, listening to your style preferences all the way. You can then upload onto Amazon, and anywhere else you please.

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Welcome to Ant Press, Jean Roberts!

What happens when a cautiously negative English optimist decides to buy a house in Spain? We will soon find out! Ant Press are delighted to have Jean Roberts as our latest signed author and excited to be working with her on her forthcoming memoir, “A Kiss Behind the Castanets: Creating a New Life in Spain”.

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50 Book Promotion Tips

If you thought writing and publishing was arduous, you may find promotion even tougher! It’s never-ending, but essential to get your book noticed in the tsunami of new books flooding the market. Try to set aside a little time every day for marketing and you will reap the rewards.
Here is a list of promotion ideas from Victoria Twead, a New York Times bestselling author.

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