(Note: We also offer Editorial, Paperback Formatting and Conversion and Cover Design services.)

Maybe you aren’t really looking for a contract with a publishing house?

Maybe you want complete control over your own ebook?

Maybe you want to keep 100% of the royalties?

Amazon and some other platforms offer free automatic ebook converters. You simply feed your Word document in, and  it will produce an ebook. Sadly, unless you have formatted your Word doc perfectly, the Table of Contents may not work, there may be gaps, and the results will be ugly, littered with errors and hugely disappointing. This will earn you scathing reviews from readers, however good your book is.

With this in mind, Ant Press can now offer a brand new service.

Send us your manuscript as a Word document, and we will format and convert it into a beautiful ebook. You can then upload it onto Amazon or wherever you like. We won’t change a word, and we guarantee that not only will the Table of Contents work, but the ebook will load perfectly onto Amazon, ibooks or whichever retailers you choose.

How will my ebook look?

We offer a choice of styles. Here are some examples:




How long will it take?

Up to two weeks, often much less.

How much does this service cost?

Up to 100,000 words $250 USD, or £180, or 200 euros, or $320 AUD.

100,001 words to 200,000 words $450 USD, or £340, or 380 euros, or $600 AUD.

What does this include?

Your Word doc will be converted into a beautiful flowing ebook, with working Table of Contents, ready to upload to Amazon or e-retailer of your choice. You will receive 4 files:

  • .mobi file (Kindle) for uploading to Amazon
  • .epub file for uploading to Apple ibooks, Kobo, Nook, Scribd, Tolino, Overdrive (libraries), Inktera, Playster, etc.
  • .mobi file (Kindle) complete with the cover you provide, which you can give away to reviewers, or as prizes in competitions, or other promotional projects.
  • .epub file (for any other ereader) complete with the cover you provide, which you can give away to reviewers, or as prizes in competitions, or other promotional projects.

Your formatter will work with you personally, as every book has unique requirements.

We offer FREE help and advice, if you need it, to guide you smoothly through the uploading process.

FREE with the first 300 ebooks converted in 2018 – a custom-made, three-dimensional jpg, perfect for social media, or any promotion activity, using either the cover you provide, or a page from inside the ebook.

Can I include photographs in my ebook?

Yes. You can choose the size and placement style, with or without captions.

How much does it cost to include images?

1 – 5 images with or without captions, add $15 USD, or £10, or 12 euros, or $16 AUD.

After that, add $1 USD, or 50p, or 0.60 euros, or $0.80 AUD per image.

How much does it cost to make changes later?

There will be no charge for the first three minor changes made within two weeks of handover.

After that, each change will cost $15 USD, or £10, or 12 euros, or $16 AUD.

How do I pay?

Paypal is acceptable. Or direct bank deposit.

What do you need?

Your formatter will require a single Word doc with the book’s title and author.

Any preface, introduction, forward, dedication, epilogue, etc. should be clearly marked.

Your chapters should be clearly separated.

Blank lines between paragraphs should be removed.

Scene breaks should be marked by three or more asterisks, NOT blank lines, so they can be spotted easily.

It is acceptable to send images separately, and create markers for the images within the text, e.g. ***Pic 1 Rover the Dog, Caption: Rover with his bone.

If your formatter is not clear about any issue, he/she will contact you and ask.


How do I apply?

Contact us via the form below, and we will confirm the price. If you would then like to go ahead, reply attaching your Word doc.

Can you also prepare my paperback for publication?

Yes, paperback formatting is another service we offer.




As a first time author I’m so glad I decided to go with a publisher and even more thankful that it was Ant Press. Victoria has been so patient even when I’m obsessing about something late into a Sunday night (book cover colour). She must have a degree in psychology and remaining calm under fire.
I’m delighted with the final result and should I ever be moved to write another memoir, Ant Press would be my choice.

Jill Stoking
Joan’s Descent into Alzheimer’s