Secondhand Scotch

“Secondhand Scotch: How One Family Survived In Spite Of Themselves” by Cathy Curran

Book Themes

Social History, Immigration, Abuse, Family

Who is Cathy Curran?

Cathy Curran is a baby boomer and a Jersey girl. She graduated from the school of DO-AS-I-SAY-NOT-AS-I-DO. She went on to study at the University of WHAT’S-YOUR-PROBLEM, where she earned high honors in changing diapers, cooking, cleaning and keeping her big mouth shut.

She devoted herself to the writing of SECONDHAND SCOTCH for almost a decade, and during that time she also discovered her passion–dance–an art that helped Curran to reclaim her courage and confidence.

She finally threw away her big old cup of SHUT-THE-HELL-UP, and it’s a good thing–because much of what she never spoke of throughout the first half of her life, dances off the pages of her memoir in a humorous voice with a powerful message about family.

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